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Dec 20 2014
Shelter of Origin: 
Marin Humane Society

Hi, Yes, I am adorable. I am little, fluffy, cute and very nice. I am almost perfect except for my teeth. Like many purebred, pet store bought bunnies my teeth were pretty bad and I needed major surgery to remove my front teeth. I had a bad malloclusion and was unable to eat properly or groom myself. The surgery was a bit tough, but I am healing and doing really well. IIt's so nice to be able to eat and groom myself!

I was bought at Rivertown Feed store in Petaluma as a very young baby and my humans didn't know that i had a bad dental problem that required expensive life-saving surgery.
My humans didn't want me anymore when they realized how much my surgery and care would cost. So they surrendered me to Marin Humane Society.

Dental problems like mine re outside the realm of what Marin Humane Society could offer me and so my only option was to go into rescue at SaveABunny. Otherwise, I would be considered unadoptable and be euthanized.

So here I am after my surgery and I am on the mend. i am a great little girl and would do well in a home where people will be willing to keep tabs on my dental care throughout my life.
My surgery and after care was expensive. I'd love it if my human helps to pay for some of my vet care or anyone wants to donate. Thank you and kisses to you!