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Oct 15 2016
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Private Rescue
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Emmeline was rescued on Nov. 20th along with two other rabbits in a park in downtown Forestville, CA. They had been dumped by a nearby illegal meat operation, likely because they were sick. After being spotted outside for about a month, volunteer rescuers were alerted. 4 rescuers were able to corral the three bunnies into a very large enclosure created with several xpens. Emmeline put up the strongest fight. She wandered away from the rescue site and a volunteer had to head her off and try to get her hopping back towards the corral. Eventually all three bunnies were rescued and brought to SaveABunny. During the bunnies' initial intake, they were found to have terrible mite infestations, sore hocks, painful bite wounds, and eye infections.

Emmeline had a few mysterious looking sores on her that were thought to be abscesses. She was brought in for a spay soon after and it was discovered that the sores were actually canals for Botfly larvae. Botfly infestation is deadly. The fly larvae can puncture and release a terrible toxin, rendering the bunny in shock and then eventually dead. Extreme care had to be taken for the surgical removal of the larvae. Once picked up from the vet, Emmeline had four surgical areas and her prognosis was very guarded. She took a very long time to wake up and eat.

Long Haired has a happy update for you about Emmeline. We are so grateful for your thoughts , messages and prayers last night. We believe that with everybun's support, she felt surrounded in love and got through the night. She is still not quite out of the woods yet- but it was bunderful to see her will to survive this morning. She is a fighter. Short Haired will transport her to SaveABunny today where she will continue her recovery in their safe and loving care.

Posted by Tallulah Rabbit & Friends on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Once back at SaveABunny, Emmeline was watched closely so none of her wounds got infected. It was then discovered that she had an abscess on one of her wound sites. She will need to go back into surgery to have it removed. This many surgeries in such a short amount of time is extremely dangerous. Her risk of infection is very high. And if not careful, any remaining larvae can still puncture and be deadly.

Emmeline had a very difficult start in life - bred to be killed, then released into the wild to fend for herself because she was sick. She is quite young, only about 6 months old. SaveABunny volunteers are committed to caring for her in the best ways possible. We need your help. We are not sure how many more medical visits or surgeries will be required to keep this brave girl alive and thriving. She has a fighting spirit. She is very sweet and we know she is not ready to give up.

Please consider a donation to her ongoing care.

Rescued Meat Rabbits Know Kindness & Safety For First Time . . .

There are hoomins who will go to any length to save a rabbit in danger . . . I'm happy to know many of them. Please consider a donation to the ongoing care of these buns . . .

Posted by Tallulah Rabbit & Friends on Sunday, November 22, 2015

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