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Aug 1 2012
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

UPDATE July 2010

Emerald is a miracle rescue girl! She is completely recovered, now spayed and doing GREAT!!

Hi. My name is Emerald. I am a very brave little girl. I am not available for adoption at this time because I am being treated for a very serious infection in my back leg. Please read my story and wish me good health and healing. Donations are urgently needed to help with vet bills.

Please send me good thoughts for healing and a full recovery. I can't walk very well right now and the infection is still not under control, though I have made some improvements.

If you would like to send a donation to help with my medical expenses it would be greatly appreciated and really needed.

You can mail a check to :
P.O. Box 2143
Mill Valley, CA 94942

or donate via PayPal.Donate via Paypal

Though I am only still a baby, my life up until now was not a happy one. I was attacked by a dog at the home I lived at. I didn't get any medical care until they left me at a shelter three weeks later. By that time I was fighting for my life with painful abscesses all over my little back legs.

Thanks to SaveABunny and PAWS 4 San Jose I was rushed to a vet and given antibiotics and pain medication. Because my injuries were so extensive and had gone untreated, my prognosis is very guarded.

I am receiving very close monitoring, medical care and alternative healing, like Reiki and acupressure.

Everyone who meets me is deeply touched by my strong will to live and vulnerable, yet feisty nature. I haven't given up and have learned to really accept all the love that people want to give me. Up until now, I only knew pain and neglect.

While I am too fragile to live with my new friends and surrogate parents, Scooter and Grace, they get to visit me and I live next door where I can see them and touch noses. That really helps me feel better.

Thank you for caring about me!