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In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services
Foster Home

My name is Destiny. I am so grateful to find my way into the hand of a SaveABunny volunteer. I was turned into the shelter by my owner. Her story was that I had delivered babies in her home. All the babies died and I was sad. So instead of loving me and taking better care of me, she surrendered me to the city shelter.

Upon further examination, it was clear that I lived in abusive conditions. The vet staff thought I was the closest thing to a walking skeleton they had ever seen. I'm about 1/3 of my expected weight. You can see that I must have been kept in filthy conditions. My fur is urine and stool stained from my diarrhea. I am walking on my toes due to pain and I am too weak to eat. My babies died because I was not fed during my pregnancy. I didin't have any milk to give them. I required subcutaneous fluids and force feedings to keep me alive until I could be rescued by SaveABunny. My current condition is guarded. I'm trying to eat on my own now that I'm living in a soft, warm, quiet place.

I'm in great need of a foster parent experienced with bunnies with medical needs and donations for my vet bills. My current foster mom has too many sick foster bunnies and needs help too. Despite my past, I'm very trusting of people and I don't mind attention and love. I'm a good bunny looking for a loving, caring, forever family who will feed me well and let me play and jump around when I'm all better.

1/27/2010 8:45pm - despite medical care and kindness, Destiny was unable to overcome her weakened state and sadness. She died within hours of being pulled from the shelter. She crossed over while living in a large, warm, comfortable space, laying on fleece and surrounded by good healthy delicious bunny foods. She had a little energy to snack on some of the goodies, but her vacant eyes told her of neglect. She couldn't live without her babies and her past owner didn't give her the proper care she needed to have the physical strength to live on. She's moved on to happier place with her little ones.