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Jul 1 2012
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

Hi! My story is a remarkable one that embodies all aspects of SaveABunny's rescue work. I was very wounded when I arrived and now I'll all healed and have been adopted!

I was rescued at the very last minute of my life. My condition was extreme and I had been declined as by other groups. I was listed on the euthanasia list at the shelter as an emaciated "tan" rabbit with a severe dental malocclusion. It's easy to see why there wasn't a waiting list to rescue me.

Here are photos of me on my arrival at SaveABunny. A
nice volunteer named Steve drove several hours to pick me up in a hurry!



I was actually NOT a tan lop, but rather a filthy, urine-stained white lop girl. It is highly likely I had been kept at the bottom of stacking small wire cages used for meat rabbits or breeding rabbits. My feet were sore and hurt and I was matted and discolored.

Emotionally, I was in shock, and had almost given up hope that anyone would ever be kind to me. My life had only been about pain and suffering so far. But, it felt really good to be groomed, snuggled and calming talked with and reassured that I was safe.

It only took a few days for my hope to return and my eyes to brighten! I was finally getting good food and the veterinary care I needed including antibiotics and having my teeth trimmed. I needed a few months to gain enough strength for dental surgery.

Dr. Debra Scheenstra was able to successfully extract all four front incisors and my two peg teeth. I am still receiving medication for a mild infection at the surgical site, but am healing nicely. As you can see ,I am also showing more of my "true colors" as a WHITE, not tan rabbit!

EVERYONE I meet calls me one of the sweetest rabbits they have ever met. I am a true survivor and very happy to be alive. I feel really good and am so grateful SaveABunny took a chance on me and saved my life. It's amazing how different my life is today in just a short few months. I wish all rabbits could have the chance at life that I was given.

We are grateful to Pet Awareness and Welfare Society for San Jose Animal Care and Services for providing funding for some of Celestine's medical care. Learn more about PAWS at PAWS4SanJose

All that's left for me now is to find a forever, loving home with people who can cut up my veggies for me and monitor my back teeth over my lifetime to make sure they wear properly.

My surgery was life-saving, but very expensive. If you can help the humans I love here at SaveABunny by donating toward my care, it would REALLY mean a lot to me.

Thank you for reading my story and caring about me!