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Dec 30 2018

Hi, I am a TOTAL cutie-pie! Just look at my pudgy dwarfy face, adorable little ears and the plushest fudge-colored coat.
I'm neutered (they surprised me one day!) and I am good with my litter box. The reason I am listed as a special needs rabbit is that I have been treated for e.cunniculi and an inner ear infection. I've been doing well with no reoccurence of symptoms, but I cannot promise you I will never have an issue again. I am also blind in my left eye, but you'd never know by watching me.
If you adopt me you'll need to be willing and able to provide the care that I need. It might be expensive so you might want to set up a little trust fund for me in case It's ever needed.
I'm truly a great little man and I am so eager to find my forever home and someone to love me. I've been waiting a long time and have a lot to share.
I hope you will visit me soon. Love, Butch