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Oct 25 2015
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

Hi! My name is Bambino. I am looking for someone who really thinks I am special---because I am. I may be small in body (Netherland dwarf), but big in spirit!
I am a middle-aged or so, neutered boy and I was actually adopted from SaveABunny several years ago, but my human just moved to Europe and was unable to take me. Both of us were very sad to part ways. I had a good life with her and now I find myself at a bit of an unexpected turning point in my life.

Thanks to my human, before she left I got a vet exam and I am in good shape. My favorite people are those who like pitied bunnies. I am a nice enough guy, but do like things my way and on my terms. But, that should be pretty easy for you if you listen and just do what I tell you to do. Got it?

I really hope that you and I can meet each other soon and start on the next chapter of our lives together. If you are careful you won't get cuteness overload from admiring my awesome cuteness!