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Flynn and Lilac

Flynn and Lilac
Foster Home

HI! We are Flynn and Lilac, a very devoted and loving pair of bunnies. Flynn is the cute brown agouti boy and Lilac is the pretty, gray Chinchilla girl. Despite our age difference, we love each other very much and ours is a touching love story..

Flynn is a young man, about 1 1/2 years old. He had a miraculous recovery from a dog attack that almost killed him when he was just a baby. He had been torn apart by a dog and then "glued" together by the family that had left him outside. Then they left him at the San Francisco Animal shelter since they no longer wanted him.

Dr. Bing of the San Francisco Animal Care and Control did emergency surgery and saved this bunny's life. He "died" while he was on the operating table, but was resuscitated by Dr. Bing. He came to SaveABunny to heal and his chances of survival were slim. At that time, he only weighed half a pound.

While Flynn was recovering , SaveABunny took in an older female bunny who had been left at the shelter at 6 years old, because her family no longer wanted her. She was a large girl with a pronounced dewlap. Despite never being out of her cage during her sad life, she was incredibly sweet and gentle. She was named Lilac for the delicate , sweet flower that blooms elegantly with tender care. When Lilac was spayed, many cancerous tumors were found in her uterus (unfortunately, common for older unspayed female bunnies). The existing tumors were removed, but lab work showed that the cancer had spread. How extensive the cancer had spread was not known.

So Lilac came home to SaveABunny to live in "hospice" if needed. Here she would have the safety and love she had been denied the rest of her life. Remarkably, Lilac started to thrive. She enjoyed her greens, looked forward to her "cuddle" time and we learned that she also had the capacity to nurture other bunnies and help them heal.

For example, We had a much older, disabled bunny, named Frisco staying with us for hospice care, and Lilac would spend time with him, helping him to groom himself, get to his food and just giving him the support and safety, only another rabbit could offer. Frisco did not have much time left, but he lived his final days being loved and attended to.

We decided that Lilac deserved a friend of her own to live out her time, however long that may be. We noticed that Lilac and Flynn "flirted" with each other since they were "next door neighbors." during Flynn's long recovery. We questioned pairing them, because of the age difference and Lilac's questionable prognosis. We didn't want Flynn to lose a mate after only a short time. Ultimately, we decided that true love was rare. It was literally love at first sight for Flynn and Lilac with grooming, snuggling and a big sense of comfort and relief for both of them, and they have been together ever since.

That was a year ago! Both Flynn and Lilac are doing great. Recently, one of our volunteers who was fostering them for the past few months fell in love with them and they have now found their forever home.

This happily-ever after story of Flynn and Lilac beautifully demonstrates the healing power of love, compassion and companionship. Despite the sadness and fragility of illness and uncertainty for these bunnies, they have triumphed and survived.