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Foster Home

Hi! My name is Sheba.
I am a spayed, small, gorgeous, silver marten dwarf girl with a big personality.
Here's what my foster parents want you to know:

"Sheba is an absolute dream come true!" She is one of the most affectionate bunnies we have ever met. She will follow you around the house until you pick her up, then snuggle contentedly on your lap for pets and kisses. If she had her way, she would be on your lap for hours. What a love sponge!. And she gives the love right back with nudges and bunny kisses.

When she's not busy at her day job of "remodeling" her cardboard hidey box, she loves to do battle with her slinky and other toys.
Then she tosses her head and dances to show us how proud she is of her accomplishments. She is a very happy and confident bunny.

Sheba has excellent litter box habits, and would do well as a free-range house rabbit.

The lucky person who adopts her will get to share their home and life with a very special and incredibly affectionate little girl.