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In Memoriam

Henri was a brave very handsome, small, charming and spirited Siamese colored dwarf bunny.

The last few months of his life held a mix of sorrow and joy for him. First, he was surrendered to an animal shelter at 7 years old after being discovered by a landlord at a "No Pets Allowed" building.

On Monday, May 17, his foster mom rushed him to the vet, where it was discovered that he had developed blockages in his bladder and urethra that made it impossible for him to urinate and eliminate toxins from his little body.

Not only was this very painful for Henri, but also potentially fatal. We struggled with the only two choices---emergency surgery with an unknown outcome or euthanasia.

Given the strong will and love of life that Henri demonstrated in his short time here at our foster center, we elected to try surgery.

We wanted to give Henri every chance possible to live a long, happy life and that seemed to be what he wanted as well.

The surgery started off well, but complications arose...It took nearly 3 hours of surgery to remove the blockages and resection his bladder and urethra. We questioned if we had done the right thing by doing surgery.

When we saw his little face and bright eyes, we knew he was still trying. He showed an incredible will to survive and made a miaculous recovery.

Henri went home to live with his devoted foster mom, Chris, who brought him treats and gave him the love and security he deserved.

However, just a few weeks later, Henri died suddenly. When Chris said goodnight one night he was dancing and playing. The next moring he was dead. Necropsy results were inconclusive, but it is suspected that Henri suffered a heart attack or stroke and died quickly. The vet said he looked "at peace."

This gorgeous, active and very brave rabbit touched us all deeply. Henri was full of hope and playfulness. We love him and miss him very much.