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Foster Home

Hello. My name is Aspen, but my foster Mom calls me Peach---probably because I am so sweet. I am so beautiful. I am white with lovely orange spots, especially on my face. I have spots on boths sides of my noseand eyes and my ears are orange. Talk about GORGEOUS!
All with the most fabulous eyelashes you've ever seen!

My start in life was not so wonderful...I was one of 53 rabbits confiscated by the Watsonville animal shelter from disgusting conditions at a "hobby" breeder.

Thankfully, that is in the past and now I am safe and loved. I am quite unique, not only in how lovely and delicate my features are, but also in how clean and neat I am with my litter box.

I eat lots of hay, I don't drag my hay all over like some other rabbits do, and I don't dig or chew. I don't chew the rug, the furniture or the woodwork. I know that sounds too good to be true, but I am a great house rabbit.

I love my toys, especially ones I can toss. I like to play catch with my toys and run up and down the stairs--especially at meal time . Yummy! Some of my other favorite activities, include being curious about what everyone else is up to! I love to poke my foster dad with my nose when he is working---just to make sure he notices me! Sometimes I just follow people around. I also like to play with the cats who share my foster home.

My favorite place to relax is either on the bed with the cats or under the window. Oh, I do love to sleep under my foster mom's rocking chair. I like to rest my head on the bottom.

My foster mom knows me really well and wishes she could adopt me, but she can't. So she is looking for a really great home for me. She knows I have been through a lot in my past and says that you read my emotions on my face. I have become a very happy girl!

I start a tooth purr as soon as I am touched and don't even mind being held as long as I'm getting a lot of pets at the same time.

Well, I could talk about myself all day. I am really a wonderful rabbit and am very eager to find my forever loving home. I love my freedom, and really want to be free-range house rabbit. I'm so well-behaved you'll be happy to have me be a big part of your family
Even though my life was once rough, I am still soft and sweet. I enjoy being talked with and petted and love my hay and veggies. There's also nothing better than now being able to stretch out for a luxurious nap in safe and clean surroundings.

I am ready to find a forever loving home where I can continue
to blossom.

Maybe it's with you?