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Dutch Girl

Dutch Girl

Here's what Dutch Girl's new guardian wants you to know about Dutch Girl!

"Dutch Girl's been doing great & really keeping us entertained. Yesterday evening, a large box arrived
for her...with a variety of hays, some chew toys & apple branches. My husband gave her an apple branch & she ran around her cage like a puppy looking for a place to sit don & chew it. She settled in to munch on it for about five minutes before checking out the
orchard grass that arrived.

This morning, my husband thought he'd be helpful & refill her hay a few minutes before I got up to take
care of her. He didn't quite know where everything goes & put hay in an edible bunny basket instead of
her hay manger. Of course, Dutch (we sometimes shorten her name,knew her
routine should start with her small amount of pellets and decided to let him know that he had things out of
order. (Pellets are her favorite & she obviously looks forward to them each morning.)

She dumped the hay on the floor of her cage & started pushing around her ceramic bowl to get his attention. I came out while all of this was going on and thought it was very funny. What a personality!

She's entertaining us every day."