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Feb 8 2009
Shelter of Origin: 
Oakland Animal Services.
Oakland Animal Services

Adopted to be the friend for one of our volunteers' rabbits.
My name fits me well - I am a cuddle-bunny. I love to be held and will nuzzle under your chin and let you cuddle and pet me until your hands get tired. I am a Himalayan rabbit, which means I have coloring like a Siamese cat - grey on my nose and ears, and white all over. White rabbits with pink eyes are usually the last to get adopted and stay at the shelter the come meet me today, as I know as soon as you hold me you will just melt and you will just love me.

I am currently living with a group of rabbits (Chase and Bosco), and would love to either be adopted with one of them or as a friend for your special rabbit! I am so good with other bunnies and I love their company - I just don't want to end up a lonely only bunny. Plus, with two bunnies, you have the added advantage that we keep each other company so that we aren't lonely while you are away at school or work. If you already have a rabbit, please bring him/her to the shelter any Saturday or Sunday between noon-4pm to have a "bunny dating" bonding session with me!

I am waiting for you at the Oakland Animal Shelter, so no need to email or anything if you want to meet me, just come on down and visit! You can find directions and hours on our website. The adoption fee for a single rabbit at the Oakland Animal Shelter is $50, or you could adopt two of us together for $75.