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Ellis buns.jpg
May 19 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services
San Jose ACC

My name is Ellis. I'm a super cute, small bunny boy with alot of personality. I like to play with my toys, jump and dance around when I'm happy, and explore the rabbit-proofed house. I don't mind being held or cuddled. I love a good massage of my soft fluffy fur. I'm good with my litter box habits too, as long as you put my hay in the litterbox or next to it so I can eat and poop at the same time.

Don't you want to meet me ? I'm avaible for adoption by appointment only. Please contact Lily, at

The San Jose Animal Care Center’s adoption fee is $20 for a spayed/neutered and microchipped rabbit. Please promote spaying and neutering of pets to avoid overcrowding and euthanasia in the shelters. Check out for more details. The website may not have all the bunnies currently available so be sure to stop by.


Update - I've been adopted by Moira, my new bunny mom, who hopes match me up with my new girlfriend, Piccolo, soon. Thank you for finding me a new home SaveABunny !