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Polaris, formerly A246816 at SFACC

Dec 1 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Foster Home

My foster moms are adopting me!

Hello there! Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Polaris, and I was formerly known as “Conan” by some folks who simply didn’t understand my precocious nature. I am so totally NOT a barbarian. Although, I dare say that the humans who have mistreated me just might qualify as such!

It’s been said by some that I have behavior challenges – but really, who wouldn’t be after spending way too long in the Shelter System? Some call them “Orphanage Transfers”, but I’m quite a distinguished adult, not at all a child who should be subjected to such rubbish. But all of you wonderful Bunny People are working on that cause, I do appreciate it.

I mean, foster kids who are human have plenty of accrued issues, as do most humans overall, from what I’ve noticed. But I’m a brilliant fellow who simply wants to snort like a pig when hogging the covers. My foster mom has courteously provided me with my very own blankets and even allowed me to dominate the bed during family time. She knows that I’m fussy about my past experiences and indulges me in my misconceptions about my species. I will stretch out like a bull frog, and grunt like one if I’m disturbed from my zazen moments.

I will growl like a polar bear, but cuddle next to you like no polar bear you’ve ever dreamed of. Just please, respect my space. If an intruder came into every tiny home you’ve had in the past and grabbed at your possessions, you’d react a bit too, eh? Bodily removal of my own beautiful self doesn’t go over well either, and I will let you do this in time, and on time. Just allow us to be properly acquainted, and you’ll have the most charming boy you could want.
I’ve even met a lovely dog in my foster home, who is so passive that he seems to have forgotten how to vocalize and bark. I’m working with him on that, displaying proper masculine behavior for such handsome men as ourselves.

Then finally there’s my Olympic potential. If only I was human, how my sprints and jumps would be appreciated in Bejing! Ah, the sorrows of the rabbit. We will entertain you, just give us a respectable bit of time, and family naptime works out great! (Talk to my foster mum about that – I kiss her goodnight when she lies on the carpet for a nap. ;)
Yours Truly,