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Dandelion and Maui

Apr 12 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Petaluma Animal Shelter
Foster Home

Our foster mom adopted us!
Hi. My name is Maui,formerly A243969 Tofu at SFACC, and my story started out sad, but now I am much happier and I even have a "hus-bun" to love and snuggle. Now all we need for a happy-ever-after-ending to our story are people to adopt and give us the love and care we so richly deserve.

My hus-bun Dandelion and I both came from horrible neglect and possibly abuse situations. Until we arrived at SaveABunny, we each had spent our lives barely surviving in disgusting and unsafe conditions. Here is my before picture.

Maui has been a good name for me, because I have receiving the warmth and permanent vacation from neglect that I needed.
Because of the chronic neglect I have endured my whole life, my health is fragile. We need a special person to adopt me and Dandelion---someone who is able to provide supportive care, like sub Q fluids, and medications.

Dandelion came to SaveABunny as part of a court case involving animal abuse/neglect, which also included charges of child endangerment for the kids in the home. The kids and animals were living in filth and squalor and prosecution is now in process.

Dandelion and Dewdrop, a beautiful older girl who unfortunately passed away following spay surgery, were very sweet, but under socialized, depressed and frightened when we first took them in.

As you can see from the photos, Dandelion had urine scald and hair loss from living in such unsanitary conditions and he would freeze and sort of give up when petted.
Rest in peace Dewdrop.

We are estimating Dandelion's age at 8+. He has some atrophy and arthritis in his hindquarters and back legs from being caged most of his life. He can move around well, but is noticeably weaker in his hind quarters. Because of his advanced age and overall health, he is not neutered.

Dandelion and Maui are real survivors. They deserve and are ready for a special place with caring, devoted people to live out the rest of their lives.

Please open up your heart and home to Dandelion and show them that people can be kind and life can be worth living.