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Jun 4 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

I just found my forever home with my new husbun, Horton.
We're in love!

UPDATE: 2/28/08 Hope's surgery was a success. Dr. Harvey removed a mammary gland, and the biopsy showed pre-cancerous cells, but Dr. Harvey thinks she got to it in time, and Hope's prognosis is good. She is eating well and is no longer in pain.
We are concerned about Hope, because she is not eating well and appears to be in pain. She is being treated by Dr. Carolynn Harvey and we have scheduled surgery for Hope to biopsy and learn more about her condition.

Please send your prayers and healing thoughts to Hope. She is a very soulful , precious and loving bunny who reminds me of Chenoa, a very special SaveABunny sanctuary rabbit who recently passed away.
My name is Hope. I was given my name by caring volunteers at the San Jose shelter and SaveaBunny. When they first saw me I was huddled in the back corner of a tiny cage at the shelter and I was very dirty with matted fur on my abdomen and around my eyes. I had several lumps along my chest and it was initially assumed that had cancer and would be a hospice bunny if I went into rescue. The other option was that I was already scheduled to be euthanized by the shelter.

My gentle spirit and loving deeply touched the volunteers and they decided to take me into rescue not knowing my prognosis, but "hope" for the best.

I am currently listed as a special needs rabbit while I get monitored and the care I need. I would really love to find my forever home where I can be safe, loved and treasured.

Please adopt me!