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Mar 30 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control
Martinez Shelter

I've been adopted!

Hi. My name is Stew. Yes, Stew, as in "rabbit stew." No, it's not some macabre joke, the truth is that I was being raised as a meat rabbit for someone's dinner.

I am a truly gorgeous and handsome BIG boy at about 9+ pounds. My "breed" of rabbit is called a "New Zealand Black." I am a very sweet, quiet boy with big paws and a chubby fat face. I just want you to pet me and be nice to me.

Perhaps this is a bit direct, but when you see rabbit on a restaurant menu, it's important to know that the rabbit that is being eaten is someone just like me---a loving, sentient boy or girl, mother or father, who knows how to love and feels pain and sadness.

I am such a wonderful boy with so much love to share.
Won't you please adopt me and remind me that people can be nice to animals?