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Feb 29 2008
Shelter of Origin: 
Marin Humane Society

There is quite a story behind my unusual name.
Picture this...a dark, rainy, dreary evening late at night in Novato
in the deserted parking lot at the Golden Gate transit yard. There are several SaveABunny volunteers running around with nets, flashlights and a humane live trap. All of them are tying to capture me and another "stray" bunny who had clearly been dumped at this site. I am very easy to see since I am all white and don't really know how to hide or defend myself against owls and other predators, since I am a domestic and not wild rabbit.

It took several days, but eventually I was coaxed into a net and brought into rescue. As it turned out,I was already microchipped and also spayed and had been adopted from a local shelter and then dumped when my guardian moved out of town.

It's really amazing how sweet and mellow I am considering that clearly my guardian was a fool and didn't take care or me. The good news is that I am a FABULOUS rabbit with a great sense of humor and wonderful, easy-going approach to life. I'm happy, fun and a joy to be with. The sad news is that the volunteers were unable to trap my friend so far and he has not been sighted. I hope he is still alive.

If you can offer me a safe, indoor only forever home you will be really fortunate to have me as your loyal friend. I am a very special girl---a survivor without even a glimmer of a chip on my shoulder.
I am just ready for love and fun!

Please adopt me and I can be your very best friend and confidant. I've seen it all!