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Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

I'm being adopted as a companion to Winona, also from SaveABunny!
Hi. My name is Rocky. I am a handsome, muscular, boy with a pugilistic profile, like my namesake.

Though I look like a tough guy with my "boxer's" nose, which was likely split by another rabbit somewhere back in my history I am actually a nice bunny who loves to be talked with and told how special I am.

My life's been a been "rocky" (sorry about the pun...), since I was on the euthanasia list at the shelter, because I didn't look perfect and the shelter was overcrowded and tough choices needed to be made.

Now that I am at SaveABunny where I can relax again and eat yummy hay I am feeling much more hopeful about what life has to offer. My nose is healed and there isn't any special care I require.

I am eager to be adopted to a home soon, so I can have the freedom to run, dance and play-- all indoors of course as part of a family who treasures me. As an athletic, strong bunny, I really long to jump for joy and express my core bunny-ness! I love my freedom and am so happy when I am with people who love me.

Please meet me soon!