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Melinda ("My Beautiful")

Aug 26 2007
Shelter of Origin: 
San Jose Animal Services

I found my forever home!
My name is Melinda and I am a very big, beautiful and spayed Californian girl. My story is both sad and heartwarming. I am finally very grateful to be alive.

I spent almost a year at a local shelter in a small cage with little interaction with anyone. Many people were afraid of me because of my large size and my previously shy ways. I was really depressed and had basically given up. All around me the smaller bunnies and those with different color eyes than mine were either being rescued or adopted and I just waited and waited until I finally gave up hope and started to shut down.

A SaveABunny volunteer named Joann who comes to take photos of the bunnies felt me reach out one last time to be seen and given a chance to love. A quick check in back at SaveABunny confirmed the good news. Thanks to an adoption of another rabbit at SaveABunny a space became available for me and after 11 months of sitting in a small cage with little interaction, I was bundled up and taken up to SaveABunny.

One of the wonderful things about SaveABunny is that there is a special appreciation for REALLY large rabbits, especially we sensitive buns who have been overlooked. It makes the volunteers very happy to see "unadoptable" bunnies like me quickly blossom, thrive and get wonderful forever homes.

I'm having a great time here and am truly a sweet girl who just needed someone to take a chance on me. Even though people did not treat me well in the past, I have not given up my trust in people. When you talk with me, I make a point of making a true connection with you. I am a smart and sensitive girl who is gentle and loving.

Please meet me soon and help me find my happy ever after home!