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Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

Hi.My name is Rebeca. I was part of a "Girl Scouts To the Rescue" on May 20, 2007.

San Francisco Animal Care and Control had just had a large number of rabbits surrendered to the shelter (see my brother Rocco's story) and was doing everything possible to avoid having to euthanize rabbits to make room.

They contacted SaveABunny to ask for help and along with Troop 56 of Santa Clara County, I was taken to rescue at SaveABunny along with three other bunnies---GracieAnne, Jessie and Francisco.

The Girl Scouts literally helped save our lives and we are so grateful for their kindness, compassion and quick action to help transport us to SaveABunny. It was quite a journey for everyone!

I am named after Rebeca, one of the girls in the troop. Francisco was named after San Francisco Animal Care and Control, and Gracie Anne, well... that's a secret!

Even though I am a bit shy at first, I really enjoyed all the love the Girl Scouts gave me. Being petted and loved by these gentle, caring and remarkably wise girls really made me happy and content.

Please adopt me and give me the happily ever after to my story.