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Aug 16 2007
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

I've been adopted as part of a tio with Nascar and Sunflower. I'm a really happy guy!


Please send donations towards Macintosh's care to:

P.O. Box 2143
Mill Valley, CA 94942

Or click here to donate via PayPal. (Click here for more information on donating)

UPDATE 6/23/07
Hi Everyone,
I wanted to let you know the good news that my surgery went well. All four of my incisor teeth, along with the peg teeth, were successfully extracted. I look and feel much better and am thrilled to be able to now groom myself and eat with ease.

I am a real favorite of many of the volunteers at SaveABunny, because I am just such a comical and happy boy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting a lot of attention and bounce all over the place to make you notice me.
I'm a very cool bunny. Whoever adopts me will be very lucky.

Potential adopters need to know that while I can still eat hay, pellets and greens (long shreds, some other foods may need to be shredded for me. There is a small chance that my teeth may grow back and need to be re- pulled. The malocclusion was way too bad to be dealt with by tooth trims.

Lastly, because of my dental surgery my adoption is $300, which is much higher than usual. To be able to continue to help special needs rabbits like me, SaveABunny needs to recoup these costs (which were discounted by the vet---surgery like this typically costs about $800).

Thanks again for caring about me and for generously helping SaveABunny to save my life and those of other rabbits in need.
See you soon!

Hi. My name is Macintosh, because I have the most adorable big , round head, just like a Macintosh apple. Plus, I'm just as sweet! You can call me Mac for short if you'd like.

I am a special needs rabbit because I have a very severe malocclusion, which means that my teeth do not align properly, and it makes it very difficult to eat or groom myself. As you can probably see from this picture, I have not been able to do a very good job of grooming myself. Consequently, my fur is very patchy and uneven. I tried to do my best to groom myself, but my teeth just yanked out fur in an uneven way and then the fur got tangled in my teeth.

It's a good thing that I am confident and happy or I would be really depressed about my condition. This type of dental problem is hereditary when people try to breed rabbits for certain looks. A malocclusion like mine can be a death sentence at a shelter or a life long-expense for guardians. Someone left me at SFACC because they couldn't afford to care for me.

I want to live a long life! Please donate to help SaveABunny help me get the dental care I need. If you would like to make a donation to help with SaveABunny's veterinary bills, you can donate via PayPal on this website, or send a check by snail mail to P.O. Box 2143 , Mill Valley, CA 94942. Your generous donation will help us save even more lives!

I am going to be so cute and handsome---just you wait and see! Be sure to watch this site for updates!
Thank you for caring!