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Roscoe (now bonded with Rosemary)

Nov 4 2007
Shelter of Origin: 
Marin Humane Society

UPDATE 5/26/07
Yes, we are the king and queen with regal looks and a matching royal attitude!
I'm Rosemary, standing on the right of my new hus-bun, Roscoe. We are a slightly fussy and feisty bonded pair---best suited for a tolerant bunny guardian with a sense of humor. Roscoe and I love each other and must be adopted together. How much cuteness and bunny-tude can you take?

Adopt us soon!

UPDATE 4/26/07

I'm still a bit feisty at times (mostly if you fuss with my stuff--when I am outside my cage I am fine)and I am ready for adoption. Please meet me soon!

HI. My name is Rosemary. I just arrived at SaveABunny and I am on the road to healing.
My healing is likely going to be more emotional than physical, though my health is still being evaluated.

I am a very beautiful little Holland lop girl, yet sadly I have lost my faith in people. The people at SaveABunny love me and are helping me learn to trust again.

First, I was given away for free on craigslist. I was given to a family looking for a "bargain" bunny for their young kids. It wasn't long before the family stopped caring for me and I ended up with urine scald, matted fur and overgrown nails. Such a pretty girl like me really deserves much better. I was ashamed at how I looked and became withdrawn and irritable. Next, they decided that I was taking up too much room at their house so they left me at the shelter with an OK to euthanize me.

The shelter staff was very worried about me because I was so unhappy and contacted SaveABunny with a request to help me.

My first day at SaveABunny I received a thorough grooming to remove all the matted fur on my bottom. My ears were cleaned, my nails were trimmed and I was stroked, petted and talked with kindly for the first time for as long as I could remember.

Then I got to have some special time in a play area. At first I didn't know what to do, but soon with encouraging words, I started to explore, hop and yes, even did a little, bitty binkie!

I am receiving TLC and awaiting a medical exam, which should also help to determine if I have been spayed. So far, the people at SaveABunny are guessing that I am a middle -aged bunny based on my nails and body composition, but it is hard for them to tell. I would like to tell them, but I don't speak "human"---only "bunny".

I am not yet available for adoption, but would welcome a patient, bunny-savvy foster home where I would be pampered and treasured. I don't want to be "tossed around" anymore.

Please check back soon to learn more about me.