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Aug 1 2007
Shelter of Origin: 
San Francisco Animal Care and Control

I just found my forever home and a girlfriend,too!
UPDATE 7/21/07
Message from Marcy, SaveABunny's Founder

Dudley just came back from several months in a foster home where he was a free roaming bunny. His foster parents are traveling throughout the summer and could no longer foster this big, goofy guy.

We are hopeful that Dudley can find a home soon, because he will surely get depressed and cranky having to go back into a smaller set-up as we have limited space here at our foster center.

if you are interested in adopted a big bunny with a big personality, who sometimes thinks that he is a dog, please meet Dudley soon.
He's a gorgeous bunny with LOTS of energy and love to share.

A message from Dudley's foster parents:
>>>Hello Bunny lovers,

We are thoroughly enjoying our Dudley bunny experience. Dudley's personality so far seems to fit into our little quirky, safe, fun home animal life. In our limited bunny experience yet seasoned animal experience he appears to be comfortable; ie: eating, curious/inviting of other beings we look forward to acclimating him to life in our home and preparing him for his forever home. Questions will no doubt follow via email or phone. Steve and I were very impressed with the save a bunny movement and will pass a very positive word on to the rescue community. Thank you for your professional commitment.>>>

UPDATE 4/13/07
NOTE: Dudley is truly an amazing rabbit. He's handsome, fun and goofy. He is getting depressed and we are eager to find him a fabulous home where he can be an integral part of the family with mostly cage-free time. You will love him! Please meet him soon!

Hey! My name is Dudley. I am a very charming and engaging big, neutered bunny boy. I LOVE being with people and getting a LOT of attention. You can pet me for hours. Actually, I get a bit annoyed when you stop petting me! I am super social and outgoing and a fun-loving guy.

I am a favorite of some of the volunteers here at SaveABunny with my friendliness and big fat bunny head and muscular bunny body. I'm a hoot!

I run over to the front of my pen to meet you and quickly settle in for kisses,love and pets from you. I'm a very fun and engaging boy and will make you laugh smile and be glad you adopted me.

Please visit me soon!