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Dec 1 2007
Shelter of Origin: 
Marin Humane Society

I've been adopted as a companion to Dahlia, also from SaveABunny!
Here's a good news update from our new human:

"Luke and Dahlia (who I've been calling Bella because of her beautiful glamorous coat, and that was the first thing I thought when I held her!) are doing wonderful!

They both regularly do binky's, Luke more so than Bella, and Luke LOVES to run around the living room like a little boy that just ate a ton of sugar, zoom zoom, he's so fast it is astonishing to me! I just cannot tell you what a thrill it is to spend time with them and learn their personalities and communication. I built a 3 story condo for them, and watching them discover the upper levels was a kick. Luke goes up to investigate and then frantically pokes his head down to Bella and excitedly looks around, like so say, OMG, can you believe this!!??!! Did you know this was up here???!! OMG you have to come check it out!!! He nuzzles her nose and then looks around and nuzzles her again and so she finally went up there. They love the upper third floor 'lounge'. ;) I'll have to take a pic of it for you. Anyway they are both totally spoiled and very much cherished by their Mommy.

I cannot believe how smart they are. It is mind blowing. I have a temporary baby gate set up at my bedroom door, which is not totally bunny proofed, to keep them out. It's made out of those neat idea cubes. Well LUKE has discovered that he can nibble the wire ties and disassemble Mommy's ridiculously oppressive baby gate. I woke up one morning and groggily went to the kitchen to feed them to discover a very 'busted' Luke looking up at me, guiltily, in mid-step, from INSIDE the baby gate. He had simply moved the gate with his teeth and nudged it enough with his nose to come in. He is a real Momma's boy and follows me around all the time and love to lick my ankles. And he is so obedient. When he's getting into trouble and I say, "Luke, no!" He immediately stops in his tracks and comes to ME. And then I tell him what a good handsome boy he is and how much I love him. :) When I'm laying on the floor, my favorite thing they do is come up to me to nuzzle my face and hair. It's like they are saying hi Mommy, we love you too! :D Bella is a REAL lap bunny too. She loves when I hold her on my chest and massage her head, ears and body. She flattens herself as relaxed as possible to enjoy it, and her little teeth chatter away in delight. Luke is not quite as huggy as she is, being a tough little boy, but he is very affectionate in other ways and just forever adorable.

Also the antics they go through when they want treats or food is just hilarious. The begging is so absurdly adorable and funny.

I have them using a crock (mounted to the side of their condo/house) for water instead of the bottle. They drink quite a good amount that way, and they didn't really like the bottle as much. They definitely love the crock of water better.

I limit snacks to every other day and am constantly watching their stools and pee. The pee is very odd and I've done some reading on it because the first time I saw it was orangey brownish red, I freaked out. I think it's normal though and they seem to be ok. Luke's poos are smaller than Bella's, but I'm hoping that could be because of the size differences. They get plenty of fresh hay every day.

Anyway, that's the update on the kids. Mommy and kids are very happy and love each other so much. :)"


Hi. My name is Luke.

I am a very sweet, sort of shy, little neutered harlequin guy. I love to be talked with. My ears perk up when someone whispers to me and helps makes me feel special.

I'm not a showy kind of guy. I'm a quiet, sensitive type of man who will win you over with my gentle charm and good looks.

I hope you will take the time to get to know me. I'm a really wonderful bunny who will light up your life.

Please visit me soon.