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In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
Private Rescue

We are deeply saddened to pass along the news that our incredible big man bunny extraordinaire has died and gone to the bunny Rainbow bridge. He was a one-of-a-kind bunny and will be greatly missed.


Hello. My name is Sherwood. I am a BIG and muscular, French Lop boy. I arrived at SaveABunny right after the New Year in 2007. I am not available for adoption because I am one of the rabbit ambassadors and "teaching" rabbits at SaveABunny.

before i was rescued by SaveABunny, I was a 4H "reject",who used to live outdoors in a hutch. When I first arrived at SaveABunny I had pneumonia and wasn't used to being handled, but boy have have I come a long way!

I am now clicker trained for treats and routinely go to public events as an ambassador for SaveABunny. Since I can't drive I have the SaveaBunny volunteers chauffeur me around. I'm very spoiled ;-)

I am such a large, GORGEOUS rabbit that people are just naturally drawn to me and I am a little shy and not used to being made such a fuss over. But, deep down, I really like it!

There is just something so special about the really big bunnies like me. I am bigger than the cats who also live her at SaveABunny and you haven't really lived until you see me galloping around like a tiny little horse!

Thanks for reading about me and I hope to meet you soon!