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May 28 2007
Shelter of Origin: 
Oakland Animal Services.

I just found my forever home!
Hi. My name is Eddie. I am a small, very cute, gold boy with harlequin highlights. I like people, but I'm still a little bit shy. I warm up quickly once I get to know that I am safe. I think you'll agree that I have good reason to be a bit cautious....

I was being raised to be eaten for dinner along with a group of other rabbits in a backyard in Oakland. Sadly, unlike cats and dogs, there are no laws against eating a "pet" rabbit. However, there are laws about humane treatment and my fellow rabbits and I were being kept in horrific conditions.

So,instead of being eaten, we were impounded by Oakland Animal Services and taken to the Oakland animal shelter. Only a few of us were considered social enough for adoption, and so a few of my friends went to a sanctuary thanks to A New Hope Animal Foundation, some stayed at Oakland Animal Services and are awaiting adoption and Orville and I came to SaveABunny. (Orville is also available for adoption from SaveABunny).

I am a very sweet boy, who just needs a little TLC to bring me out of my shell. I will truly blossom and be incredibly sweet and loving in no time at all!

Please adopt me!