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Feb 28 2007
Shelter of Origin: 
Humane Society of Silicon Valley

UPDATED 3/2/07
Hi! I am so happy! I was just adopted to a great family. I also now have a bunny girlfriend named FeiFei. Isn't she the most adorable,little bunny you have ever seen? It was love at first sight and now we are living happily ever after with our new parents, Mark and Ivy.

The people at SaveABunny and I want to also express my deepest gratitude to the Lagomorph Lounge for selecting me as their recipient for the Needy Bunny Fund to help me have my incisors removed. I was in bad shape and really needed medical attention.

With the help from the Lagomorph Lounge, SaveABunny was able to get me the dental surgery I desperately needed. Thank you to Alohi and the Lagomorph Lunge. Also, thanks Mark and Ivy for your love and devotion!
Hi! My name is Nelville! I am a really, really cute, Holland lop boy about 6-7 months old. I was bought at the Alameda County Fair and then abandoned at the animal shelter in Silicon Valley, because I have a problem with my teeth and my guardian didn't want me anymore.

My front teeth have a malocclusion, which means that my teeth are not aligned properly and don't meet. That means I either need to have my teeth trimmed every 3 weeks or they ultimately need to be pulled. Otherwise, my teeth will constantly grow, and since they don't wear properly, they stick out and make it hard for me to eat or groom myself. Don't blame me---blame the breeder. This is usually hereditary.

But never mind. That's the not the real issue here at this point. I need to find a loving home with someone who can give me the especial attention that I need. I'm a loving guy with
just the cutest face. How can you resist?
I promise to be your loving and loyal friend. I just need you to take care of me.