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Shelter of Origin: 
Marin Humane Society

Bonjour. My name is Pierre. I am a super cute, little , neutered jersey wooley bunny. In addition to my handsome Siamese markings I am also a REALLY nice bunny who craves attention. My guardian surrendered me after only a few weeks, because the novelty wore off and she decided to get a "designer puppy" instead.

Actually, it's probably for the best, since she obviously didn't have the ability to give a lot of love to an amazing bunny like me. I love being talked with and enjoy being petted. With a gorgeous, long fluffy fur coat like mine, I will need to be brushed daily to keep me healthy(fur balls can be fatal to rabbits).

I need to be adopted by someone who can commit to the extra care it takes to live with a special bunny like me.
I'm worth it.

Please visit me soon!