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Smalti and Millefiore

In Memoriam
Shelter of Origin: 
Oakland Animal Services.

Dear Friends,
We lost Smalti very suddenly to a particularly virulent infection. We loved this little guy very much and we are very sad to lose him. Rest in peace litttle man. You were loved.

Millifiore now has a new companion, Newman.

Hi Everyone! My name is Smalti and my mother is named Millefiore. We are both named after exotic and beautiful types of glass used in mosaic and glass art work.

Smalti glass is prized by mosaic artists for its rich color and unique properties. Smalti is molten glass that has been cooled and hand-cut into uneven pieces, and the beauty of smalti is in its imperfection.

Millefiori means "thousand flowers" and for hundreds of years glass makers in Murano, Italy have delicately blown glass made with different colored layers, to create center layers resembling rosettes, stars and other shapes.

Our foster mom, is a mosaic artist. She wanted to give us enchanting names that also symbolized how beauty and wholeness can be created out of "broken pieces" or adversity.

My mom and I were abandoned at the Oakland Animal shelter and I am the only surviving baby out of a large litter of 12 babies. My mother is very devoted to me and grooms me often. My mother is a very gentle and sweet rabbit and so am I. Both us are very , very mellow and gentle.

When I first arrived here at SaveABunny, I was a silly and goofy baby, probably only about 3 weeks old. I was already a character with lots of personality! Now I am about 3 and one-half months old and will soon be neutered. We will soon be ready to be adopted. WeE also love each other so much that we must be adopted together.

We are considered special needs rabbits, because my mother, Millefiore, had glaucoma in one eye and she needed to have the eye removed, because it was very painful.

She has recovered pretty well To be honest the surgery costs several hundred dollars and we could really use your help in paying for the surgery and medications. I love my mom very much and want her to be healthy and healed.

If you would like to make a donation towards Millifiore's extensive care, you can do so via Paypal on our website or by snail mail to:
SaveABunny-SF Marin House Rabbit Society
P.O. Box 2143
Mill Valley, CA 94942


Be sure to visit the web site for Institute of Mosaic Arts (IMA)located in Oakland for mosaics supplies and classes. The IMA is a fun, creative place with great classes and talented teachers!