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Handsome Himalayans

Monday, October 12th, 2009

This post is dedicated to a special breed of rabbit known as the Himalayan – or, in Europe, the Russian. These white rabbits with dark ears, nose, paws, and tails probably originated in neither the Himalayas nor Russia. Despite the mystery surrounding the origin of the breed, we do know these things for certain: Himalayans are typically gentle, calm, and love attention. Because of this, they’ve become popular laboratory and meat rabbits. Which makes us sad, because they make fantastic, caring companions – a fact I can vouch for personally.

Also, they’ve been genetically enhanced by generations of rabbit breeders for extra handsomeness. We’re swooning over several at SaveABunny right now:





McDreamy, a rare lionhead Himalayan

McDreamy, a rare lionhead Himalayan



And, of course, Phoenix. Although its hard to tell on him.

And, of course, Phoenix. Although it's hard to tell on him.

You can come visit our Himalayans in person, or donate to help us take care of them.

Suffragette Bunnies

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

As many of you may already know, rabbits can be extremely opinionated. I’m certain that if all the animals suddenly could talk to us and read newspapers and stuff, rabbits would be the first to go out and get themselves voting rights. No matter who or what they voted for, they would definitely make their opinions heard with a resounding “thump,” and by gum they would go out there on election day and vote. (Unless maybe there was a clover patch on the way and they got distracted.)

So take a lesson from the rabbits and go out there and vote November 4th!

Then when you’re done, come up to SaveABunny and check out some bunnies from one of the most opinionated (not to mention curious, comical, and smart) breeds: the Dutch.




Sabra (on the left, with her bunny husband Buddha):

Dustin (on left, with his bunny wife Pumpkin):

And of course, Roger Bunny Pants:

Happy Halloween from the SaveABunny Harlequins

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

What better bunny to dedicate October to than one that’s always in costume? The multi-colored breed known as Harlequins are short-haired, easy-to-groom, medium-sized bunnies that come in mottled shades of black, brown, tan and white. A common trait of Harlequins is a face that’s half one color and half another. These bunnies are generally calm, better with children than most rabbits, and, as you might guess from their appearance, love attention.

Come check out the Harlequins waiting for a foster or adopted home at SaveABunny:

Glenn Ford:

Jane Russell:

Jean Harlow:

Lana Turner:

Veronica Lake:

Vivian Leigh:

Baxter – a rare Lionhead Harlequin:


and Dolly:

Phew. We have a lot of Harlequins. We love them, but please come by and take one home!

And Happy Halloween!

Horoscope for Leo: Watch out for bunnylions!

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

In celebration of the sun sign Leo (July 23 to August 22), we’re dedicating August to the very special rabbits at SaveABunny who belong to the Lionhead breed. (And, of course to our founder Marcy, who is a Leo. Happy Birthday Marcy!)

Lionheads are a new breed, with a fluffy mane around their heads that makes them resemble their namesake feline. They come with friendliness and fluffiness in equal proportions, and are easy to train – but easier to love.

Meet the Lioneheads currently on the SaveABunny website:


Hunter and Holly:


And Wooly Bully:

Some interesting facts about Lionheads:

  • Both the boys and girls have manes, but the girls’ are usually less pronounced.
  • Lionheads, especially ones with straight ears, don’t require the same heavy grooming as other long-hair rabbits.
  • Lionheads were originally bred in Belgium, supposedly by crossing a miniature Swiss Fox rabbit with a Belgian Dwarf rabbit.

Happy August everyone – and we hope you’ll come by SaveABunny and meet some of these adorable maned bunnies!