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This is what happens when you abandon your rabbit in the wild.

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Read the full press release here.

“Oh but it’s just one rabbit,” you say. “Oh but he’ll be happier in the wild running around with cottontails and jackalopes,” you say. “Oh but I’m an irresponsible jerk who didn’t bother to learn about rabbits before getting one and now I can’t keep/afford/stand my rabbit so I’m just gonna drop the little bugger off on the side of the road and forget about him,” you say.

If you’ve ever wondered why we insist on spaying and neutering all our rabbits before we adopt them out, this should give you a pretty good answer. They’re rabbits. They breed. Think about it.

We save bunnies because we like bunnies. Not because we like saving them.

In related news, we really, really need foster homes.

Marcy talks bunnies on KTVU

Monday, April 13th, 2009

As part of Easter programming this year, local Bay Area station KTVU did a story on bunnies, featuring SaveABunny founder Marcy Schaaf.

Thanks KTVU!