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Photos from the Bake Sale

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

The SaveABunny Bake Sale on April 11th was a huge success! Extra thanks to everyone to participated and made it out to enjoy treats. You helped us raise $1,170 for the bunnies, and we had a lot of fun. And if you didn’t make it, don’t worry. We got pictures.

A lovely day in the Castro. Oh look treats!!

A lovely day in the Castro. Oh look treats!!

Our Easter Bunny Mattie enjoying pets.

Our Easter Bunny Mattie enjoying pets.

Did we mention there was going to be live entertainment? They were good, too. Bet you wish you hadnt missed it now.

Did we mention there was going to be live entertainment? They were good, too. Bet you wish you hadn't missed it now.

OMG. Look at all those treats!! Each and every single one mouth-wateringly delicious, too.

OMG. Look at all those treats!! Each and every single one mouth-wateringly delicious, too.

    There was a lot of bunny love goin on.

There was a lot of bunny love goin on.

    Like I said, a LOT of bunny love!

Like I said, a LOT of bunny love!

Extra thanks to Gary who took the lovely photos! We’ll see you all at the next event – of course if I did my job and made you feel extra bad for not making it, you can always relieve your conscience by donating.

Bake Sale at Castro & 18th Saturday!

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Be sure to drop by between 10am and 4pm and enjoy scrumptious cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and help save rabbits at the same time! Learn more here.

See you there!

501c3. It’s more than just a number. Er, more than just a number with a letter in it.

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Last week SaveABunny was approved for 501c3 nonprofit status.  What this means for you is that any donation you make is now tax-deductible! Just in case you don’t know (I didn’t!), here’s how it works:

You donate something. Let’s say, for example, $30 to help sponsor Dulciana, an adorable special-needs bunny with a head-tilt:

Of course we would all be perfectly content just knowing that our $30 is going to a good cause. We don’t need anything back! It’s called giving for a reason! But thanks to those four little numbers (and one letter!), the kindness of our hearts has a little extra incentive.

Come tax season, you can subtract that $30 from your taxable income. Let’s say you made $29,687 last year – thanks to your donation, the government will now only tax you on $29,657. Of course $30 won’t exactly save you bridge fare, but a large enough donation can drop you right into a lower tax bracket. And if you can donate a few times a year, it really adds up.

So not only do you save money, but Dulciana gets the funds she needs to live a better life!

And it’s not just cash that’s tax-deductible. Gifts are, too! Any item from our Wishlist is a great place to start.

We’re all super excited about our new status here at SaveABunny, and we hope you are too! Come by and celebrate with us at the SaveABunny Bake Sale next month:

Saturday, April 11, 2009
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

In Front of Bank Of America on 18th & Castro Street, San Francisco

- Bring your appetites!
- Bring your baked goods!
- Bring your generous donations!

Your wonderful support will help rescued rabbits find caring guardians and loving homes. Please note, baked goods and donations can be dropped off prior to the event.

Fundraiser Night at Hobson’s on Haight

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Join us for booze and bunny-saving!

Date: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 8:30pm – 12:00pm
Location: Hobson’s Choice: 1601 Haight Street at Clayton, San Francisco (

What: New Bar Every Other Wednesday (A Group of Fun-loving, Creative People Making A Difference– One Bar At A Time!
When: Wednesday, September 17 – 8:30 PM – Midnight
Where: Hobson’s Choice
  1601 Haight Street at Clayton
  San Francisco, CA
Why: Raising $$ For Rescued Rabbits In Need At SaveABunny

Hobson’s Choice has generously offered to donate $5 for each person that comes out on Wednesday, September 17th to support SaveABunny, from 8:30 – Midnight. Your presence at Hobson’s Choice would be a great way to meet fun, like minded people, share your love for rabbits and raise much needed funds for SaveABunny. There will be a surprise guest. We hope to see you there!!

100 people = Hobson’s will give a $500 donation to SaveABunny
200 people = Hobson’s will give a $1,000 donation to SaveABunny
300 people = Hobson’s will give a $1,500 donation to SaveABunny

It’s fun and it’s easy to help cute little rabbits!!! Who can say no? Hobson’s specializes in RUM. They have the largest selection of any bar in the country. Their collection of rums changes weekly and is dependent on such variables as availability, popularity, and staff consumption!

See you there!

SaveABunny at Marin Humane Society Aug 2

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Marin Humane Society is hosting a Small Companion Animal Adoptathon,
Saturday, August 2nd from 10 am to 2 pm. Come meet and adopt animals

  • Animal Care and Adoption Network
  • Cavy House
  • Marin Humane Society
  • Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue
  • North Star Rescue
  • Rattie Ratz Rescue
  • SaveABunny

For more information please call 415-506-6280 or visit
MarinHumaneSociety. org

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there.

Marin Humane Society is located at 171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., Novato


Or, in other words:

You’re Invited: Get-Together #2 at SaveABunny June 30th

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Here’s the details – the space isn’t huge so RSVP fast:

Announcing a new Meetup for Rabbit Lovers and Helpers!

What: Bunny Snuggling, Grooming and Volunteer Get Together

When: June 30, 2008 7:00 PM

Where: Click the link below to find out!

Meetup Description: Hi Everyone!
Do you crave the silky feel of little rabbit ears, the tickle of their whiskers and being the recipient of rabbitude from a feisty bunny?
If so, it’s time again to feed your “rabbit habit” at SaveABunny’s Rabbit Lovers and Helpers Meet-up group.

Join us for vegetarian and vegan potluck snacks, wine,good conversation and lots of hands-on bunny time with the rescued rabbits at SaveABunny.

You’ll meet and greet new bunnies as well as give love to some long-timers who long for your touch and kindness.

What a wonderful way to start your week!

Learn more here:

Desdemona thinks you don’t have any excuses for not coming!

Food, wine and bunnies: the 1st ever SaveABunny Get-Together

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Last Monday was the first-ever SaveABunny get-together, hosted, organized, and 100% possible  thanks to Marcy. There was wine, vegetarian food (omg that lentil loaf should be called lentil heaven. I was amazed,) and of course all the SaveABunny bunnies were there. We hung out, talked about SaveABunny goings-on, ate some strawberries, learned about grooming bunnies, ate some carrot cake, talked some more, and squeezed in another helping of lentil loaf.

Bunnies got attention, wine got imbibed, and in short a great time was had by almost everyone. Here’s some pictures from the event:

Marcy even squeezed in some cuddling between handing out glasses of wine and collecting addresses:

And of course, the bunnies enjoyed some yummy food, too:

It was a fun night! We learned a ton and met some new people. Hope you can make it next time!

Meet some awesome people and some awesome rabbits this June 9 at SaveABunny

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Announcing a new meeting for Rabbit Lovers and Helpers!

What: Welcome Meeting At SaveABunny –RSVP Required

When: Monday, June 9, 7:00 PM

Where: SaveABunny (located in a residential area in
Marin County) on Monday June 9th at 7PM.

Who should come: People who love animals and want to make a difference in a fun way.

This is the first meeting and general get together at SaveABunny rabbit rescue. Meet and groom cute and loving rescued rabbits, chat with fellow animal lovers, and enjoy a nice evening.
There’s only one requirement for guests: you have to be genuinely interested in helping rabbits! Don’t come if you’re looking for some deep-fried lagomorph or a lengthy argument about the cosmetics industry. I don’t know why you would be reading this blog if those were your plans… but just in case. Don’t come.
Why: Our goal is to bring together a fun, compassionate and reliable group of people who want to share their love of companion rabbits.
Get to know the fun, creative people that make up the SaveABunny community, and hang out with the bunnies – they need socializing too!

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet an incredible variety of
rabbits, learn more about proper rabbit care and help set the activities of this new
meet-up group on behalf of SaveABunny and rabbit rescue
efforts across the entire SF Bay area.

We will serve vegetarian snacks, wine and soda. If you’d like to bring a
vegetarian dish to share, please let us know in your RSVP.

Any suggestions for our first rabbit meet-up? Let us

Have fun while you help animals. See you soon!

Click here to RSVP and learn more.

SaveABunny at the PFAC conference

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Thanks to a very generous donation from one of the directors of PFAC (Professional Fiduciary Group of California), we will have a booth at their conference this year to educate people about rabbits as indoor companions for home bound people.

(If you’re curious as to what exactly a fiduciary is, we looked it up the PFAC website: “A fiduciary is a person who assumes responsibility for a position of trust. …Fiduciaries serve by court appointment as guardians, conservators and personal representatives of estates. They also serve by agreement as trustees, representative payees or as agents under powers of attorney.”)

Each person that a PFAC fiduciary represents has a live-in caregiver. At SaveABunny, we think rabbits as companion animals would both benefit the quality of life for people in care programs, as well as provide a foster and volunteer resource for our rabbits. It’s an interesting new direction for us that we’re excited to be exploring.

The conference is being held at the San Francisco Airport Marriott in Burlingame. Exhibit hours are Wednesday, May 7th 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., Thursday & Friday May 8th and 9th 8:00 to 4:00 p.m. Learn more at the PFAC website.

Part of the inspiration for the donation was the work we do with one of our bunnies, Scooter, for special-needs groups like Blind Babies. Learn more about Scooter and the important work he does on the SaveABunny website.