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Awesome Rabbit Homes, episode 1

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Rabbits. They’re adorable, they’re eco-friendly, they’re fluffy – and they fit in perfectly with the modern urban lifestyle. Unfortunately finding a rabbit home as chic as your pet can be a real challenge.

I’ve been looking out for the perfect solution since months before I got my first rabbit, almost a year ago. Every time I go to a furniture store, a cabinet of about the right shape and size will catch my eye – but cabinets just aren’t designed for the habitation of small animals. A cage is too easy, too cliche – and it feels, well, cagey. Plus they’re almost always too small to keep a bunny locked up in while I’m away. I want a solution the rabbit can use as a home – not a jail. Right now I have a big folding pen that I use to section off the bunny area, and the eventual goal is to rabbit-proof the entire house and let them have free run. Even then, a fashionable place for the hay and litter box is a necessity. My current temporary solution is an old TV stand from Thrift Town.

Some recommendations from the SaveABunny website provide a great set of guidelines for the kind of set-up that will keep bunnies happy and healthy. But I know there’s other rabbit people out there like me who are looking for that perfect setup, the one that fits your beloved pets as well as your carefully-thought-out interior design scheme. So here is the first in a series of great finds by myself or other rabbit people. Submit yours in the comments section!

This awesome house rabbit hutch is from Design*Sponge, and comes with full instructions on how to create your own. Awesome job guys!