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Photos from the Bake Sale

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

The SaveABunny Bake Sale on April 11th was a huge success! Extra thanks to everyone to participated and made it out to enjoy treats. You helped us raise $1,170 for the bunnies, and we had a lot of fun. And if you didn’t make it, don’t worry. We got pictures.

A lovely day in the Castro. Oh look treats!!

A lovely day in the Castro. Oh look treats!!

Our Easter Bunny Mattie enjoying pets.

Our Easter Bunny Mattie enjoying pets.

Did we mention there was going to be live entertainment? They were good, too. Bet you wish you hadnt missed it now.

Did we mention there was going to be live entertainment? They were good, too. Bet you wish you hadn't missed it now.

OMG. Look at all those treats!! Each and every single one mouth-wateringly delicious, too.

OMG. Look at all those treats!! Each and every single one mouth-wateringly delicious, too.

    There was a lot of bunny love goin on.

There was a lot of bunny love goin on.

    Like I said, a LOT of bunny love!

Like I said, a LOT of bunny love!

Extra thanks to Gary who took the lovely photos! We’ll see you all at the next event – of course if I did my job and made you feel extra bad for not making it, you can always relieve your conscience by donating.

Rabbit cover letter.

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile you might remember that I (Thea Kinyon, SaveABunny Blogger) randomly moved to New Mexico last year and have been blogging long-distance ever since. It’s been… let’s see, how do I put this… dry, sun-burn-y and creatively sapping a valuable experience. But I’m finally moving back to San Francisco in about three weeks and despite (or because of? I do love a challenge) the utter lack of any kind of job throughout the entire state of California, I’ve been trying to brush up on my cover-letter-writing skills.

While banging the keyboard with my head and cursing the inventors of jargon, my little bunny rabbit Linda Maureen handed me a copy of her own cover letter for inspiration. Apparently this is one of the many ways she keeps herself entertained while I’m at work. Maybe it’ll inspire you, too – I know there’s a lot of us out there right now wishing we could get paid to just save bunnies all day.

To whom it may concern,

Hi! I’m Linda. As a Junior Bunny Rabbit, I have spent the first year of my career eating hay, pooping, and chewing on every kind of media. My creative specialties include the even distribution of hay throughout an entire room, the literal ingestion of entire published works, from dictionaries to rare first-edition literature, and the strategic planning and development of holes in any kind of floor covering, no matter how expensive. I work efficiently both alone and in a team, and have completed many successful projects alongside a mid-level rabbit, with whom I share responsibility and management of the litter box department.
I’m currently seeking a larger living room with adequate traction for running, playing, jumping, and expanding my personal knowledge of binkying. The position would preferably be in the Bay Area. Thanks!

Linda Maureen Francisco
Junior Bunny Rabbit

Linda Maureen Francisco, copyright Gary Boodhoo 2009

Resistance is futile, just ask Frankie

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Easter is the biggest time of year for bunnies, and, as it turns out for bunny blogs too! I’m still catching up on all the events and stories from that weekend. Check back soon for pictures from the bake sale and the second installment of Grooming Little Joe.

And if you didn’t catch it in the San Francisco Chronicle, a story submitted by our lovely volunteer Mai was featured in the Easter addition of Eileen Mitchell’s pet column! Here’s an excerpt:

It happens every day. Frankie, our mischievous, rescued bunny, must have radar because, no matter how I vary the routine, he always knows the exact time to come out and assume the position.

Frankie is the Chewer of Saris.

I wear saris every day. This involves taking 15 to 18 feet of material and wrapping it in varied and intricate ways around my body. For one to two minutes, a long tail of material lies on the floor while I fold all the pleats and arrange them above my waist. And in that one to two minutes, Frankie – no matter what he is doing and no matter how I try to distract him with hay – knows that now is the time. He descends upon my sari and sits on it, calm and patient. But then the familiar, instinctive urge grows. I know the signs; I can see them in his roguish black eyes: He crouches, leans his head down and then starts the chewing, an instinct in all bunnies. If I try to pull the sari out of his mouth, he hangs onto it as relentlessly as any stubborn dog and growls in his adorable gravelly ‘resistance is futile’ voice.

Read the full story here.

Marcy talks bunnies on KTVU

Monday, April 13th, 2009

As part of Easter programming this year, local Bay Area station KTVU did a story on bunnies, featuring SaveABunny founder Marcy Schaaf.

Thanks KTVU!

Bake Sale at Castro & 18th Saturday!

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Be sure to drop by between 10am and 4pm and enjoy scrumptious cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and help save rabbits at the same time! Learn more here.

See you there!

Bunny Tweets

Thursday, April 9th, 2009

No, we haven’t trained them to make bird noises – we’ve opened a SaveABunny Twitter account so you can follow us in bite-size updates. You might have already realized this by glancing in the sidebar where we keep updates, but really who looks over there? (You should look over there actually. We’ve also added a feed of general adoption rabbit profiles. And there’s a ton of great links. And the tags are really useful too if you’re looking for a specific topic. And – no I guess that’s it actually.)
Point: if you’re on Twitter, follow and comment! Or ask questions about anything rabbit-related and get a fast response. I’ll be checking it several times a day.

Yeah, we believe in the Easter Bunny. He told us to leave him alone.

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Happy Easter! We hope you have a great holiday and get to celebrate the Pagan goddess of fertility, or the resurrection of Christ, or the flowers blooming, or whatever it is that makes this weekend special to you – surrounded by family and loved ones. We also, of course, would love the same for all bunny rabbits. But even though Easter is the most popular time for pet rabbits, it’s also the worst time.

Most families who decide to get a pet rabbit for Easter have no idea what it takes to care for a rabbit – and if you’re one of those considering it, please take a moment to visit our website and learn what you’re getting into. This blog also has a lot of first-hand stories and valuable information for anyone considering getting a rabbit.

Shortly after Easter every year, animal shelters everywhere are bombarded by abandoned rabbits. More often than not, these are young animals, who after briefly knowing the love of human companionship, are neglected, then simply tossed away. Rabbits are intelligent animals with lifespans of ten or more years – not a holiday decoration. Make sure your friends family know this too, and if you want to help prevent rabbits from overloading shelters and being euthanized after Easter, you can learn more here, and, of course, come to the SaveABunny Bake Sale this Saturday.