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Please send your bunny tails. Wait – that can’t be right.

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

I meant “tales”. Put away those scissors!
I’ll let Marcy clarify:

We know you have great stories and photo about your bunnies! Now you can share them in this new column! What a great way to boast about your bunny along with helping SaveABunny, talk about win-win!

Please see the below from columnist Eileen Mitchell for more info:

I’ll be profiling readers and their pets. Readers will be invited to submit their personal stories, anecdotes and experiences (with photos) about a beloved pet, past or present.

Just one thing: It’s important that submissions go directly to the Chronicle so they can track the amount of feedback the column is getting. Please request that all submissions (and high res photos) go to home[at] and put in the subject line: “Eileen Mitchell – pet tales.”

The Rabbit Room

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

SaveABunny has been working with Oakland Animal Services on making their Rabbit Room a cozy place for bunnies and people alike.
The newest addition is a mural by a SaveABunny volunteer, the lovely and taelnted Gael:

Like all masterpieces, it started out as a simple sketch.

But after day one, it was already taking shape.

Don’t you just wanna hop down that path and find some clover?

By the third day, you could smell the fresh spring breeze wafting in.

And then it was done! Come by Oakland Animal Services to see it in person!

Rob’s bunny girlfriend

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

By Rob, our resident smooth-talkin bunny’s man.

From time to time I find myself with a “bunny girlfriend”.  Of course, the bunny always chooses me, starts the flirting process, and proceeds with her particular demands.  The latest girlfriend is Ophelia.  It started a while back during “pellet time” in the evenings.  She decided that before she would have her pellets, she had to have some petting.  And so, the ritual started.  It continued for several months.  Ophelia was in a top cage in the same spot for a while, and we knew the drill.  She was an older girl, and a bit demanding and set in her ways.  A few weeks ago, we did some cage shuffling, as we often need to do, and Ophelia was moved to a different cage.  This interrupted our little ritual for a couple of days.  I didn’t think much about it–until…suddenly Ophelia was sick!  She was grinding her teeth in distress, having problems with her pooping, and just not acting like her normal self.  We took her over to VCA Animal Hospital for an emergency visit.  She was prescribed medication and got a spot upstairs in our office for a few days.  She really liked the office as she improved health-wise.  We moved her into the upstairs “art room” after a few days, and she stayed there a couple of weeks, feeling special.
Today, we decided it was time for Ophelia to go back downstairs.  I took her aside (being the boyfriend) and explained how she would be in a great upper cage, get her ritual petting, “television time” upstairs, and also a rotation for playtime in the office.  Well…she went into her new cage for about half a day, when Marcy saw that she was huddled in the corner grinding her teeth as if she was in pain.  What a faker!  Anyway, Ophelia clearly needed to be back upstairs and was letting us know.  So, she is now BOTH in an upper cage on a table AND in the upstairs art room, which meets her conditions.  I think now she is happy.  Please–don’t anybody tell her I missed Valentine’s Day!
- Rob


Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

While procrastinating a few days ago, I came across a series of rabbit-related entries on WikiHow. After spending at least an hour going through guides like “Teach Your Rabbit to Come When Called,”  “Convince Your Parents to Let You Buy a Bunny,” and “Stop a Rabbit from Sneezing,” I realized I should just share them with you.

The complete list can be found here.

And because it’s a Wiki, if you have anything to add, go for it! This is one way we can all help share our rabbit experience to help other rabbit owners and people thinking about getting rabbits. (Essentially the goal of this blog.)

Of course when learning about rabbits is this easy, it’s the rabbits that benefit most of all.

(That’s Roadie. Click here to sponsor her!)