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Happy Halloween from the SaveABunny Harlequins

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

What better bunny to dedicate October to than one that’s always in costume? The multi-colored breed known as Harlequins are short-haired, easy-to-groom, medium-sized bunnies that come in mottled shades of black, brown, tan and white. A common trait of Harlequins is a face that’s half one color and half another. These bunnies are generally calm, better with children than most rabbits, and, as you might guess from their appearance, love attention.

Come check out the Harlequins waiting for a foster or adopted home at SaveABunny:

Glenn Ford:

Jane Russell:

Jean Harlow:

Lana Turner:

Veronica Lake:

Vivian Leigh:

Baxter – a rare Lionhead Harlequin:


and Dolly:

Phew. We have a lot of Harlequins. We love them, but please come by and take one home!

And Happy Halloween!

SaveABunny featured alongside Rachel Ray

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

SaveABunny was featured this month in Northside San Francisco magazine, in the cover story “Animal Heroes.”

An excerpt:

Every bunny needs somebody sometime

Marcy Schaaf is a Bay Area bunny’s best friend. Schaaf is the founder of SaveABunny, an unflagging rescue group that partners with animal shelters nationwide to provide care and adoption services for homeless rabbits.

You can pick up a copy of the magazine on racks around SF this month, or read the full article here.

A great pair of bunnies for a great pair of people.

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Ken and Jen were the generous foster parents of two great bunnies who they finally decided to adopt from SaveABunny. They wanted to share their story:

Hello All!

I have been wanting to write this for a while. We have officially adopted Spike and Marley (in July)! We were given the chance to foster these two very smart and sweet brothers last year and we realized that we had fallen in love with them and could never let them go. When Marcy asked us to foster them, she told us that they were not too people friendly, as they were pretty much ignored where they came from. Well, she was right. Spike and Marley were tough to get to touch and stay calm, but they were so cute and very playful. Marley, kind of mellow compared to Spike, was a little easier to give quick little head rubs and strokes, but both really had a hard time with all the attention that we were giving them! Jen really worked on them, sitting in the room with them and just letting them come over to her. But try to pet them and, ZOOM, gone!

Little by little, we both would sit in the room and also let them watch us with Babs and Homer. They saw us snuggling the other buns and I think a bell went off….they started to sit and let us pet them, and slowly, but surely, actually started to like it when we petted them. We started to “nose” them and even did the nose stroke (oh, my neck!) on their faces. Wow! They really enjoyed that. I realized that Marley is a talkative kind of guy. He will grunt in a way that is like a dog when he plays. At first, I would pull my hand away, but Jen said that they are play nips, so I got brave and she was right! Marley really likes to growl when he plays and loves to chew and toss the paper towel roll around and then I stroke him and then he gives me a little, totally harmless nip and runs away waiting for me to chase him. Cool! A Dog-Bunny!! Spike, meanwhile, is just a doll and loves me to give him pretty intense strokes on his head and ears and loves when I shake his butt a little – really. Both are now soooooo cool and even though it took me longer than Jen, I am totally in love with these wonderful guys. Jen told me that they would come around, but I did have my doubts at first. Well, now, they go nuts when we feed them their greens, standing on their hind legs and dancing for us, and really love a stroke-chase- play-chase- stroke game. Wonderful! We are so happy that Marcy let us foster them and adopt them. They will be with us forever!
Spike and Marley after they came to SaveABunny from Ukiah.
As for Homer The Great, you may have known him as Winter (ugh). The shy big New Zealand White that was rescued from UCSF Med School. He is a dream. A big, lazy bunny who loves to eat and sleep and have his ears stroked (or any part of his gigantic body!). He goes out on our deck and visits our neighbors regularly, who have fallen in love with him, too. It’s funny to see service workers come in to do work and see Homer and back away. I tell the workers that Homer is not the killer rabbit from Monty Python, and when they pet him, think he is just the coolest! Homer is so harmless, when Babs gets through to bother him, he runs away. Babs is relentless, not letting up, but Homer, ever the kind gentleman, will just kind of push her and run away. Thank goodness for that, because he is a BIG bunny!

Kudos to Marcy and all of the volunteers who save the bunnies! There still is a lot of educating to do, to let the public know what amazing companions these funny and wonderful and feeling creatures they are. Marcy, I don’t envy you, it’s tough. But you are doing a great service for bunnies everywhere. Spike and Marley and Homer know that and they send their love!

Ken and Jen Shaw