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You’re Invited: Get-Together #2 at SaveABunny June 30th

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Here’s the details – the space isn’t huge so RSVP fast:

Announcing a new Meetup for Rabbit Lovers and Helpers!

What: Bunny Snuggling, Grooming and Volunteer Get Together

When: June 30, 2008 7:00 PM

Where: Click the link below to find out!

Meetup Description: Hi Everyone!
Do you crave the silky feel of little rabbit ears, the tickle of their whiskers and being the recipient of rabbitude from a feisty bunny?
If so, it’s time again to feed your “rabbit habit” at SaveABunny’s Rabbit Lovers and Helpers Meet-up group.

Join us for vegetarian and vegan potluck snacks, wine,good conversation and lots of hands-on bunny time with the rescued rabbits at SaveABunny.

You’ll meet and greet new bunnies as well as give love to some long-timers who long for your touch and kindness.

What a wonderful way to start your week!

Learn more here:

Desdemona thinks you don’t have any excuses for not coming!

Happy Friday! Here’s a cute bunny video!

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Vicki, one of our lovely volunteers at SaveABunny, wanted to share this video of her bunnies running around and having a fun time. Just a reminder of the many rewards of sharing your home with rabbits!

Here’s what Vicki had to say:

“I’m new to bunny foster care – Chocolate Chip and Fudge are my very first bunnies. I didn’t know much about bunnies and thought they just sat around all day, but nooooo. They are very active. They just crack me up sometimes. I decided to put them on the couch to see if they would ‘do something’. What a performance they put on. And I even had the camera ready. All three of us had a great time.” – Vicki Pelton

A Day of Nurturing the Soul and Spirit, by Arlene

Monday, June 16th, 2008

One of our SaveABunny Volunteers, Arlene, submitted a few words about her experience volunteering at SaveABunny:

A Day of Nurturing the Soul and Spirit

Last week, I went to volunteer and provided Reiki to some special bunnies that needed some extra TLC and energy work.   I was able to work on Dustin who is a strong, feisty, little bunny with lots of personality.  He wanted to climb up my chest and use me as a jungle gym, but eventually he was able to calm down, relax and enjoy the healing energy in my arms.  Furthermore, Gwen stretched out on my lap and was just soaking up the extra attention, as I worked on her.  She’s such a sweet and gentle girl.  In addition, I was fortunate to have spent time with Rowan.  He would hang out on my lap, but he preferred to sit next to me, while I worked on him.  I was very saddened to hear that he had recently passed on.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Reiki, it is an alternative healing technique that helps with stress and relaxation, as well as works on one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.  I’m glad that Rowan was able to receive energy work from Rob, Marcy, and I, before he passed on.

As a result of volunteering, I am not only helping the bunnies, but they also give me so much back in return.  In 1995, my pet bunny, “Bugsy” passed away.  Ever since then, I have not had another pet.  I’ve always felt like a part of me was missing.  Currently, I am unable to have a pet right now, so volunteering at SaveABunny is a perfect way for me to help out the bunnies and nurture my soul and spirit.  When I go to volunteer, I am able to re-connect with animals and to nature.  Even going outside to water the plants when I’m emptying out the bunnies’ water bottles, allows me to enjoy the beauty, scents, and sounds of the garden.  SaveABunny is a very special, tranquil place of healing and hope, that not only helps bunnies but also volunteers like me.

In essence, I appreciate that SaveABunny allows me to volunteer when I can based on my schedule.  Since I don’t live very close to Mill Valley, I appreciate that I can still help out and be a part of these special bunnies’ lives.  Thanks SaveABunny!!!

Here’s a picture of Bugsy and I:

Food, wine and bunnies: the 1st ever SaveABunny Get-Together

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Last Monday was the first-ever SaveABunny get-together, hosted, organized, and 100% possible  thanks to Marcy. There was wine, vegetarian food (omg that lentil loaf should be called lentil heaven. I was amazed,) and of course all the SaveABunny bunnies were there. We hung out, talked about SaveABunny goings-on, ate some strawberries, learned about grooming bunnies, ate some carrot cake, talked some more, and squeezed in another helping of lentil loaf.

Bunnies got attention, wine got imbibed, and in short a great time was had by almost everyone. Here’s some pictures from the event:

Marcy even squeezed in some cuddling between handing out glasses of wine and collecting addresses:

And of course, the bunnies enjoyed some yummy food, too:

It was a fun night! We learned a ton and met some new people. Hope you can make it next time!

When bunny teeth go bad – update

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Just to let everyone know, we still have several other bunnies that urgently need medical care, and it won’t happen without donations. We’re very happy to have Brazil’s operation funded, but we still need about $1500 for other bunnies with medical problems right now.

I love reporting happy endings to keep the blog on an uplifting note, but there is always more to be done, more rabbits to save, and more money needed. We are a non-profit, after all. So I hope that when I mention the generosity of a donor or volunteer, you realize that they are someone just like you who took action, and I hope you feel inspired, rather than relieved that someone else stepped in.

That’s all – now back to finding less guilt-trippy things to write about. Here’s a cute bunny picture for you: