Yeah, we believe in the Easter Bunny. He told us to leave him alone.

Happy Easter! We hope you have a great holiday and get to celebrate the Pagan goddess of fertility, or the resurrection of Christ, or the flowers blooming, or whatever it is that makes this weekend special to you – surrounded by family and loved ones. We also, of course, would love the same for all bunny rabbits. But even though Easter is the most popular time for pet rabbits, it’s also the worst time.

Most families who decide to get a pet rabbit for Easter have no idea what it takes to care for a rabbit – and if you’re one of those considering it, please take a moment to visit our website and learn what you’re getting into. This blog also has a lot of first-hand stories and valuable information for anyone considering getting a rabbit.

Shortly after Easter every year, animal shelters everywhere are bombarded by abandoned rabbits. More often than not, these are young animals, who after briefly knowing the love of human companionship, are neglected, then simply tossed away. Rabbits are intelligent animals with lifespans of ten or more years – not a holiday decoration. Make sure your friends family know this too, and if you want to help prevent rabbits from overloading shelters and being euthanized after Easter, you can learn more here, and, of course, come to the SaveABunny Bake Sale this Saturday.


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