SaveABunny founder Marcy Schaaf to speak at Humane Society Conference 4/8

April 8
Las Vegas Bally’s Hotel
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm


Humane Society of the United States National Conference Features SaveABunny As A Speaker!

Award winning rescue efforts and persistence has garnered SaveABunny the groundbreaking invitation to speak about rabbit rescue, care and adoptions at the largest animal care conference in the world. The Humane Society of the United States Expo in Las Vegas is the largest animal care conference in the world. The Expo attracts several thousand national and international attendees.

SaveABunny Founder, Marcy Schaaf successfully created a joint presentation with key shelter staff from Oakland Animal Services and Marin Humane Society. They will each discuss the successes and challenges of caring for and adopting rabbits in their shelters, as well as how to best work in partnership with rescue groups to save more lives.

This workshop on rabbits is believed to be the first of its kind at such a large, national venue. This collaborative effort between a rescue group and multiple shelters is both progressive and very unusual in the animal welfare field.

Below is the workshop write up as written by the HSUS (Humane Society of the United States)

>Rabbits Rule! Turning Problem Animals into Shelter Benefits

Rabbits can be a challenge for shelters: few staff members are knowledgeable about their care, and most potential adopters head to pet stores when looking for a new bunny. This workshop will show you how to overcome these hurdles within your shelter and your community by covering rabbit care basics and profiling two very different shelters with groundbreaking programs for their rabbits.

Suzanne Gollin, Administrative Assistant, Behavior and Training & Department, Marin Humane Society, Novato, Calif.; Marcy Schaaf, Founder & Executive Director, SaveABunny, Mill Valley, Calif.; Megan Webb, Community Outreach Programs Director, Oakland Animal Services, Oakland, Calif.

On another note….On March 3, 2009 SaveABunny Founder, Marcy Schaaf, was a featured speaker at the California Animal Care Conference sponsored by the California Veterinary Medical Association, The State Humane Association of California and The California Animal Control Directors Association.
Persistence, promotion and passion will hopefully raise the level of interest and awareness everywhere.

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  1. Caroline Says:

    The HSUS always puts on a great EXPO. I wish I was able to go this year!

  2. thea Says:

    Me too! Maybe next year.

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