Please send your bunny tails. Wait – that can’t be right.

I meant “tales”. Put away those scissors!
I’ll let Marcy clarify:

We know you have great stories and photo about your bunnies! Now you can share them in this new column! What a great way to boast about your bunny along with helping SaveABunny, talk about win-win!

Please see the below from columnist Eileen Mitchell for more info:

I’ll be profiling readers and their pets. Readers will be invited to submit their personal stories, anecdotes and experiences (with photos) about a beloved pet, past or present.

Just one thing: It’s important that submissions go directly to the Chronicle so they can track the amount of feedback the column is getting. Please request that all submissions (and high res photos) go to home[at] and put in the subject line: “Eileen Mitchell – pet tales.”


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