Hare-brained Coworkers?

One of our volunteers, Mark, captured this great shot of his two bunnies, Maryann and Dono, helping out with some filing in his cubicle.

The very next day, he found out Petsource.org was having a pets-at-work-themed photo contest!

Mark has this to say:

“If you could stop by and register on the website (it’s real easy) and
vote once or twice a week for my babies, it would help. One of the
prizes is a cash donation to a shelter of my choice and of course that
would be going to Save A Bunny.”

Thanks Mark! We’re wishing him the best of luck, but the only way to win is by getting plenty of votes, so help out by voting! Vote for Maryann and Dono here.

If you don’t have a login with Petsource, you’ll have to sign up – but it’s easy and totally worth it. I did it at work and timed it for you: almost exactly one minute.

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One Response to “Hare-brained Coworkers?”

  1. thea Says:

    For the record, the term “hare-brained” is an inaccurate representation of the mental capabilities of the rabbit family. Rabbits, as most of us know, are intelligent, curious, social animals, and, as Mark’s research proves, perfectly capable of performing the tasks of an average office professional.

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