Bunnies – they’re not just our friends, they’re our… fertilizer machines?

Although it’s not typically a subject we use to promote SaveABunny, we thought we knew everything about… well, rabbit droppings. But we recently learned something new: It may not be a pretty job emptying the litter boxes of 100+ rabbits every day, but all that bunny poo can actually be used to make our gardens prettier.

It makes sense if you think about it – bunnies in the wild eat plants all day, so naturally what goes back into the ground would help the plants be healthier – making more food for bunnies. Nature is full of these beautifully effective recycling systems.

Here’s what we learned from Sloat Garden Guru:

“Rabbit droppings as well as their bedding and uneaten food do in fact make excellent fertilizer/compost. The easiest method would be to passively compost the cage cleanings in a large rubber/plastic garbage can in which holes have been drilled on the bottom and sides. Kitchen scraps are welcome additions (no meat or orange peel) Passive Compost means you don’t turn it. Active is when you stir it.The bottom of the can should be in contact with the earth and the lid should fit snuggly. The holes at the bottom allow natural soil bacteria, decomposing fungi and beneficial bugs and worms to gain access . Watering is probably not necessary. By this method, you could possibly have 2 to 4 “crops” a year. Apply this rich compost around any and all plants in spring, summer and fall. Vegetables, annuals, and flowering shrubs will benefit the most.You will know it’s ready because it will have turned brown and will smell earthy.”


2 Responses to “Bunnies – they’re not just our friends, they’re our… fertilizer machines?”

  1. lisa Says:

    great info! i’d like to see photos? also, what options are there for those of us without yards? i was hoping i could contribute to a community compost maybe… but it’d probably make the most sense to start one in my building perhaps.

  2. Belle and Cornelius Says:

    We love the suggestion – such a shame to wrap up the poop in plastic and throw it away…

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