Bunny. They should get a bunny. Seriously.

With the economy in shambles, the ice caps melting, two wars, and nuclear weapons practically everywhere, there’s one issue the media has turned to now that the election is over: “OMG what kind of puppy are the Obamas gonna get?!?!”

From the BBC News:

He did not mention any specific breed, but said the family’s preference was to adopt a dog from a shelter, “a mutt – like me”, he added. Mr Obama said they had to find a pet that would not trigger an allergy of his eldest, Malia.

It is truly admirable and a huge statement for homeless animals everywhere that our incoming president would prefer to adopt a shelter animal. Huge kudos on that.

But allow me to make a suggestion. (Can ya see it coming? Can ya?) That’s right – I think the First Family should adopt a bunny. Here’s why:

1. Considering the eco-friendliness of bunnies, it would send a message to world leaders and environmental groups that Obama is as serious about the environment in his personal life as he is in his rhetoric.

2. As gentle herbivores, a rabbit would be a reminder of the loftiest goal every administration should have: world peace.

3. He will quickly learn to never rush into something without careful examination – because inevitably there will be a rabbit there to trip him if he does.

4. He will always be reminded to eat his vegetables, and so will his little girls, ensuring a healthy and happy stay in the White House.

5. How freaking adorable would it be??

Also, having a bunny conveniently sidesteps Malia’s dog allergies.

So, bunny it is! Come on over and take a look any time, Mr. President-elect! Here’s a few SaveABunny suggestions to inspire you:


As charming as they come, Sose could single-pawdedly disarm North Korea, Iran, and Syria all at the same time. I’m not joking.


Nothing makes a big, new house cozier than a super-snuggly snugglebunny.


When all that political stuff gets too serious, this guy’s antics will make even the Press Secretary remember to smile.


This adorable creature already has experience with kids, and, like our country, is ready for a new chapter!

*While SaveABunny does not recommend rabbits as pets for households with small children, we have a sneaking suspicion the Obama girls are old enough and would totally treat a bunny right.

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3 Responses to “Bunny. They should get a bunny. Seriously.”

  1. Jim McDaniel Says:

    Our HRS chapter was considering this today at our adoption meeting.. Frankly I’d love to seet a Secret Service agent in dark suit, sunglasses and talking into his sleeve lead the Presidential large shedding white rabbit off Air Force One. Also if therapy bunnies can lower blood pressure, maybe rabbit massage could promote more intelligent behaviors by our President.

  2. Jan Says:

    What a brilliant idea! I wish they knew how absolutely wonderful a house bunny is as a pet. Please, HRS, do your best to get the message across! (My
    Benjamin came from a rescue, and he is the sunshine of our lives).

  3. Gary Loewenthal Says:

    A White House Bunny! I was sort of thinking the same thing… Should we contact the President-elect? He has a web site….

    Being involved in rabbit rescue in the DC area, I can tell you there are many highly adoptable bunnies not far from the White House. The Obamas could meet some of them…

    Excellent point about bunnys’ non-allergenic status. But I think reason 5 is the clincher.

    Hey…why not two bunnies?

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