SaveABunny Historic Holiday Postcards!

Here at SaveABunny, we have been hard at work in many different areas — outreach, crafts, bunny care, RABBIT RESCUE (of course) and art history research.

Hold on, art history research? Yes, many of our volunteers are artistic and interested in the arts, and a few of us have even been researching the role of rabbits in art history. Here, we reveal the results of our research and debut some SaveABunny postcards!! Each image links to the postcard page; send one to all your friends! Without further ado:

SaveABunny art historians have found this original version of the Mona Lisa. The reason for her enigmatic smile is pretty clear.

On the first night of Hanukkah, the subject of Munch’s painting was chatting with his rabbit friend, Seth, and the subject of Seth’s neutering experience was raised. 8 Days of screaming ensued. (He felt better by the ninth day!)

SaveABunny’s meticulous art historians have unearthed the original version of Gainsborough’s The Blue Boy. The Blue Boy originally included his 3 best buds before the artist was forced by the court to create a more somber work.

When Grant Wood painted American Gothic, he found inspiration in the American Gothic House so he painted the house along with “the kind of people I fancied should live in that house.” SaveABunny art historians have found the original version of his painting, in wich he also painted the type of rabbit he fancied should live in that house, and the type of festivity they would have.

During the painting of this work, Whistler’s Mother often complained of a cold lap. Whistler’s clever solution was later edited out, to the detriment of the work.

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