Happy Halloween from the SaveABunny Harlequins

What better bunny to dedicate October to than one that’s always in costume? The multi-colored breed known as Harlequins are short-haired, easy-to-groom, medium-sized bunnies that come in mottled shades of black, brown, tan and white. A common trait of Harlequins is a face that’s half one color and half another. These bunnies are generally calm, better with children than most rabbits, and, as you might guess from their appearance, love attention.

Come check out the Harlequins waiting for a foster or adopted home at SaveABunny:

Glenn Ford:

Jane Russell:

Jean Harlow:

Lana Turner:

Veronica Lake:

Vivian Leigh:

Baxter – a rare Lionhead Harlequin:


and Dolly:

Phew. We have a lot of Harlequins. We love them, but please come by and take one home!

And Happy Halloween!

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One Response to “Happy Halloween from the SaveABunny Harlequins”

  1. Madeleine Says:

    I wish I lived in America so I could adopt at least three of your rabbits!
    I love dolly!
    From Madeleine xx

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