The numerous unexpected benefits of living with a rabbit.

I started volunteering for SaveABunny way back in May. I learned everything I could about rabbits, I wrote about rabbits, I even did outreach events with rabbits once or twice, feigning rabbit expertise. I read all the other bunny blogs. But I have never, ever, lived with a real live rabbit. Until three weeks ago.

As with most things worth learning, one can spend a lifetime (or at least five months) studying a subject, but to really understand it, you have to do it yourself. Of course, cheating doesn’t hurt.

So in case you haven’t had the pleasure, here’s a cheat sheet I made for you of those unexpected things you would probably only learn from living with a rabbit yourself:

1. You can do things with rabbits that make human company uncomfortable. For instance, sometimes I just sit and stare at my bunny while he eats.

2. Since they’re little and don’t have opposable thumbs, they eat every vegetable a different way. It’s eternally fascinating. Yesterday I gave mine bok choy – today, broccoli. Sometimes I leave him trails of lettuce leaves just to see if he’ll follow them. He usually does.

3. They make great exercise machines. Just try catching one when he needs a nail trim.

4. You will never lose a staring contest as horrendously as you will to a rabbit. Your eyes will shrivel up and and fall out of their sockets in two sad piles of dust before your rabbit blinks. Not exactly a benefit, but a valuable experience nonetheless, if only for the massive amount of humbling you will receive.

5. You CAN’T leave a glass of wine on the floor next to a rabbit. They’re worse alcoholics than I am. (At least mine is.) I don’t know how this is a benefit, except that leaving glasses of wine on the floor was probably a bad idea in the first place, and this is an extra reminder not to do it.

6. They actually are constantly doing something cute. You sort of expect it, but then when it actually happens it’s a little bit amazing. I don’t think any other adult animal has an equal cuteness capacity. Maybe pandas.

7. They have a warm spot right behind the ears. When you rub it, it releases pheromones that make you sleepy and hypnotize you so that you keep rubbing. I’m pretty sure on this one.

8. You will spend a lot more time laying on the floor. This will inevitabely result in more frequent vaccumming, extending the life of your carpet and saving you money.

9. You will gain a new appreciation for all green vegetables. Watching someone else get so excited about them does make them more appealing. As a result, you will live a longer, healthier life.

10. Your capacity for forgiveness will increase exponentially.

In conclusion, if you haven’t yet adopted or fostered a rabbit, I highly recommend it.

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4 Responses to “The numerous unexpected benefits of living with a rabbit.”

  1. DJ Says:

    They are so much better than TV… could sit for hours watching the bunnies do silly things.

    Especially the super bunny flop… a personal favorite.

  2. Jean Says:

    I have a friend who bunny-sits when I have to go out of town, and her boyfriend will accompany her just to watch Murray chomp parsley and cilantro. It always cracks me up to watch Murray eat, and I never thought about how nice of him it is, to let me stare at him in fascinated amusement.

    I really do vaccuum more! And I eat more fruits and vegetables, and lately I go out of my way to get a variety of produce. I love how excited he gets when I bring home something new from the farmer’s market and share it with him. I’ve learned to keep a good grip, though, or “one bite” turns into Murray dashing away with half a plum, and me chasing after him to grsb it back before he eats himself into a sugar frenzy. Two blueberries and he’s binkying around the living room like happy little maniac; I don’t want to find out what more than a bite of plum would do.

  3. cindy Says:

    my bun bun LOVES there veggies….they will do circle around me as I carry there dinner plate to the floor. ITs incrediably cute.

    Its also cute when you catch them doing something naughty (chewing the childproof gate and trying to break into our close bedroom) our jessie was doing this this morning and I went and said, “Jessie, No” she swirls around, kicks her feet out, bounces up in the air in a twist, lop ears going from side to side and jumps back into her room. She knew she was caught.

  4. Jeff F Says:

    I have to totally agree with all of the points, epically numbers 3 and 4! Life with a bunny is a total adventure and just a blast. Right now I don’t have a bun bun but in time I hope to again and it will just make my life a lot better. There is no other pet like a bunny IMO. They can make you laugh and have fun like no other pet, even a dog or cat.

    In conclusion, get a bunny if you don’t have one!!

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