A Tribute to Java (aka Trinity)

Java Bean was a beautiful, feisty, and strong black satin bun. She came to her forever home feeling a little sad and depressed after losing her previous home, but she quickly warmed up and showed her true personality – curious, bold, and unconditionally loving.


In some ways, Java was a bunny of extremes. Java loved to snuggle, but she was not a snuggle bunny. When she wanted attention, she’d run to her people at full speed and demand to be pet until she had enough. Then with a flick of the ears, she’d be off to explore or stretch out in one of her favorite places. Java knew that she was the boss of the house and made sure everyone else knew it, too.

Speed Racer

Her cuddliness and affection for everyone that met her melted the hearts of friends and family. Her determination to chew up remote controls and shred important papers drove her human family berzerk. When she was caught being “naughty”, she’d stomp, run back to her cage, and then stick her head out for treats. And no matter how badly she destroyed something, she always knew her family would succumb to her beautiful black eyes.

Queen of the Castle

One constant, however, is that she cared for and looked after her family. In addition to being the boss of the house, she considered herself the protector of everyone who lived there. When car tires screeched, thunder boomed, or a dish clanged in the sink, Java would straighten up and stomp to alert the rest of the family that something wasn’t right. She’d stretch out in front her human family and keep watch – ears periscoping if she heard a suspicious sound. Then after a few loving strokes of her forehead, she’d relax again and snuggle up to her people until she’d had enough.


The amount of joy and happiness she brought to the hearts of the people who met her is indescribable. She wasn’t around nearly as long as her human family would have wanted, but her life was full of love and bunny adventures. Some of her favorite activities included munching carrot tops, shredding phone books, running the bunny 500, nibbling on a banana slice (her favorite special occasion treat!), and rolling her pellet canister around and around until a pellet popped out. She is missed very much and loved so deeply. As sad as her people are, they know that Java is taking good care of all the bunnies who passed before her – keeping watch and protecting those she loves.

Birthday Bowl

Sara and Yan
(Java’s people)

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Beautiful photos, really striking.

  2. Ken Shaw Says:

    Very sweet, Java had a great life and wonderful companions!

  3. Matty Says:

    You will be missed, sweet little Java. Rest in peace. Turbo also sends his condolences.

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