Horoscope for Leo: Watch out for bunnylions!

In celebration of the sun sign Leo (July 23 to August 22), we’re dedicating August to the very special rabbits at SaveABunny who belong to the Lionhead breed. (And, of course to our founder Marcy, who is a Leo. Happy Birthday Marcy!)

Lionheads are a new breed, with a fluffy mane around their heads that makes them resemble their namesake feline. They come with friendliness and fluffiness in equal proportions, and are easy to train – but easier to love.

Meet the Lioneheads currently on the SaveABunny website:


Hunter and Holly:


And Wooly Bully:

Some interesting facts about Lionheads:

  • Both the boys and girls have manes, but the girls’ are usually less pronounced.
  • Lionheads, especially ones with straight ears, don’t require the same heavy grooming as other long-hair rabbits.
  • Lionheads were originally bred in Belgium, supposedly by crossing a miniature Swiss Fox rabbit with a Belgian Dwarf rabbit.

Happy August everyone – and we hope you’ll come by SaveABunny and meet some of these adorable maned bunnies!

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